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Animal Medical Clinic - St. Paul

Laser Surgery

We are excited to offer laser surgery. The laser can replace the traditional scalpel blade for many surgeries. Laser technology reduces trauma to your pet and allows for a faster recovery. Read More

Obesity in Pets

As pet owners, we are responsible for their health. We make sure they see a veterinarian when they are ill or need vaccinations. We give them lots of toys and keep them comfortable. We offer them good quality food, treats and plenty of praise. Yet, we may be killing them with kindness. Too much food and too many treats can lead to obesity. Read More

Castration/ Neuter

This is a simple procedure to remove your pet's testicles through a small incision. It does not change your pet's personality other than calming the need to "mark” his territory and avoid potential for aggressive behavior. We recommend neutering your pet around six months of age before he develops any negative behaviors. Read More

DNA Mixed Breed Test for Dogs

Has anybody ever asked you "Hey, what kind of dog is that?" People love to guess or give advice as to what breeds your mixed breed dog is made up of but now there's a way to tell without guessing and you may be surprised because looks can be deceiving. Read More

Ovariohysterectomy (Spay)

A ovariohysterectomy is the complete removal of the uterus and ovaries through an abdominal incision.There is no clear-cut, optimal age to spay your pet. Usually we recommend the procedure be done approximately between 5 to 6 months of age before the first estrus. Read More

Therapy Laser

LASER THERAPY is offered at Animal Medical Clinic. If your pet has pain, swelling, or is healing from a wound or surgery, then laser therapy maybe a great medication-free alternative or used in addition to current therapy plans. Read More

Email For Prescription Refill

Did you know that you can email us at to submit a request for a prescription to be refilled? Please leave a phone number where you can be reached in case we need to contact you regarding the prescription. Read More

Ramsey County Medication and Needles/Syringes Collection

FREE Medicine Collection Program safely dispose of your unwanted, expired or unused medicines for FREE at one of Ramsey County's two public drop boxes. This year-round collection program helps prevent crime and protects the environment. Read More

Current Pet Food Recalls

In this new age of heightened awareness about food safety there are frequent recalls of various kinds of pet foods. Under our resources tab we have provided a link to the FDA's website that provides current information about pet food recalls. Read More