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Canine Influenza

Since first reports in 2015, additional outbreaks of canine influenza have been found throughout the country including cases reported in Illinois, Florida, Georgia, and Kentucky.  Influenza continues to be a concern for us and many dog owners.

The flu virus is commonly transmitted by coughing and sneezing and is contagious aerolized up 20 feet. Dogs that are in close proximity to other dogs and routinely go to dog parks, groomers, or kennels or those that attend dog shows may be most at risk. The most common sign is coughing, which does not respond to antibiotic therapy and can last up to 3 weeks.  Most dogs recover without further incident but in some the virus could develop into pneumonia.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) posted a great article about canine influenza as well as more information about the Asian flu outbreak. You will find information on signs, diagnosis, transmission, and current prevention recommendations.

The link to the AVMA Canine Influenza Article: Canine Influenza: Pet Owner's Guide