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Safety Tips - Halloween

Here are some tips to help keep our furry, four-legged friends stress-free and safe during Halloween.

Common sweets with ingredients such as chocolate and candy with Xylitol (artificial sweetener) can be very toxic and should be stored securely and out of reach. Be sure to educate your children of this danger as well. If for any reason you think your pet ate something toxic, immediately call Animal Medical Clinic at 651-690-1564, the Animal Emergency and Referral Center at 651-293-1800, or the ASPCA Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435.

Safe Home Environment
Some pets enjoy socializing with strangers more than others. During trick or treating hours, provide a safe haven for those who become afraid, stressed, or anxious in the company of strangers.

With the door frequently opening and closing throughout the holiday, pets have an increased opportunity to sneak out unexpectedly. Confirm that your pet's identification tags are securely in place and up-to-date with your current information. Does your pet have a microchip? A microchip implant is a more permanent solution for identifying your loved one if he or she becomes lost.

Dressing Up
Not every pet will tolerate wearing a costume. If your pet doesn't act like him or herself when you put it on, your pet may be experiencing unnecessary stress. If you choose to dress up your pet for Halloween, make sure the costume fits well, has nothing loose that could be chewed or swallowed, and does not restrict movement, breathing, or seeing.

Many people decorate this time of year with pumpkins and corn. Both are considered nontoxic yet they can cause upset stomachs if ingested. Corn cobs can cause obstructions if significant portions are swallowed as they do not digest well. Jack-O-Lanterns are often highlighted using candles. which can be overturned by curious pets and cause fires or burns. Electrical cords should be hidden and secured to prevent electrical shock.