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Ready For A New Cat?

Are you ready for a new cat? Do you have the following?

  1. Litter box and Litter: There are many types of litter boxes and litter, pick a box that your cat can easily get into but that contains the litter when it scratches. A good rule is to have one more litter box than you have cat, so a one cat household should have at least two litter boxes. Scoop out the box every day to every other day. Clean the box and change the litter weekly.
  2. Cat Dishes: Each cat should have his or her own food and water dish. Most cats find it easier to eat out of shallow dishes. Cats with acne should be fed from a glass or ceramic dish
  3. Grooming Tools: Cats will groom themselves but it is good to get them accustomed to being brushed and having their toenails trimmed. Most cats love the attention of being personally attended to. Ask your veterinarian for tips on brushing and nail trimming.
  4. Scratching Post: If your cat wants to scratch it is much more desirable to give them something appropriate to scratch rather then your furniture or carpet. The post should be sturdy so that it does not tip when they try to scratch it. It should have a rough surface that is different than the surfaces of your furniture or carpet. Sisal rope or the webbed side (underside) of carpet work well.
  5. Toys: The best toy is the one they play with most. Household items such as balls and paper bags make great toys. Avoid yarn, string, and ribbon because cats have barbed tongues it is hard for them to spit things out once they start to swallow, string can also get caught in the digestive tract or wrapped around the tongue causing serious medical problems. Toys on a string, the fishing pole or wand type of toys are great to stimulate interaction between you and your cat as well as give your cat some exercise. Laser pointers are another good interaction toy. Avoid toys with sharp edges or fraying material. Another tip to get your cat to play is to not have all the toys out at once. Just put one or two toys out at a time to make them more interesting to your cat.