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Our Mission

Animal Medical Clinic's mission is to enhance the quality of life for our clients and their pets. Our team is knowledgeable, caring, friendly, and committed to outstanding pet health care.


In order to serve you best, appointments are preferred, so please call ahead.


Parking is available on the street or in the lot located on the south east corner of St. Clair and Snelling Avenue next to Sweeney Cleaners.

*SPECIAL NOTE - At some point in October, the city of St. Paul will be constructing a new bus platform for the A-Line Bus line.  The platform will be permanently remove the parking available in front of our building.  All other parking will remain available as before.  During construction, access to our front door will continue to be available. If you need closer parking or assistance getting into the clinic, please inform the receptionist. Sorry for any inconvenience.


All fees are expected at the time of the visit or the discharge of animal. We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover. Estimates for any procedure are available after a physical examination.

Phone: 651 690 1564

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Appointments begin at 9:00 AM

Job Opening

We are currently looking for an experienced Certified Veterinary Technician for full time employment.  
To learn more, please contact us at frontdesk@animalmedical.org

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In today's world, pets are living longer. We grow to depend on our pets and treat them as family. Older pets can experience changes similar to the changes that older humans face. THE MOST COMMON MEDICAL PROBLEMS OF OLDER PETS ARE...

Hastings Pet of the Month October 2015 - 1  Hastings Pet of the Month October 2015 - 2

Pet of the Month- Hastings

This grey-and-white short hair "tuxedo cat" was born in February or March 2006.  In August he was picked up by Animal Control wandering free on the streets of Hastings, Minnesota.  He was brought to the Humane Society in Woodbury, which is where Karen Murdock found him.  He was the only cat in the whole cat room that was meowing when Karen walked in.  This was the first day he had been put out for adoption and he had only been in his cage 20 minutes when Karen arrived.  When she opened the cage and took him out, he scrambled up onto her shoulder and started to purr loudly.  "That was it!" Karen says.  "He adopted me!"  She named him "Hastings" after his probable birthplace.

Hastings has always had a very mellow and friendly personality.  After Karen's brother told her that he was taking his golden retriever to visit patients at a children's hospital, Karen thought that her friendly cat might do something like that.  They found their ministry not with children but with senior citizens.  Every Thursday afternoon for the past eight years Karen and Hastings have visited the Episcopal Church Home, a nursing home just off University Avenue in Saint Paul.  Here he sits in laps, lets people pet him and is a joyful and calming presence.  He has even been to several funerals when his friends have passed on.